Are you suffering from dry eyes, dry skin, or a poorly performing humidifier?

Humidity Doctor (HD) - an innovative humidifier control unit

HD comes to the rescue even in mild season. Humidity all year round, any season!

Humidity Summer, Fall, Winter, Spring

The patented "HD" humidifier control unit is a responsive comfort zone in every season to maintaining relative set humidity in compliance to your brand of furnace, thermostat, and old or new humidifier. Even in the summer your central air conditioning is removing humidity from the air; up to 5 gallons a day. Only the HD with its unique programs can still provide humidity in concert with AC operation.

Quiet and low energy consumption

In addition to HD providing humidity any time of the year there is a quiet setting; providing HD users with the best comfort available. With the Low Fan Option HD humidifier control unit drops the fan speed to lowest one to provide quiet and effective energy consumption while still providing soothing humidity.

Only the innovative HD has a drying cycle

Most humidifier makers do not address the humidity build up in the duct passages, duct angles and most importantly the humidifier pad which should be dried every time after humidification to prevent mold and mildew. Only the innovative HD has a drying cycle to discourage mold growth. After the humidifier shuts off the pad and ducts are still moist. But the HD will run an additional 3 minutes to further dry the ducts and humidifier pad so you can enjoy fresh air every time.

Call your mechanical company and ask for this innovative humidifier control unit - Humidity Doctor. HD works with your newly installed humidifier or old, existing one. Enjoy your humidifier in the summer, fall, winter or spring with HD's unique program. Prevent water buildup in humidifier pad, duct passages and duct crevices, boosting your duct's condition and for a fresher humidification experience.

Wiring Diagram

Wiring Diagram

Thermostat Cool/ AC Mode

Humidity Doctor cycles humidifier on when AC compressor is not operating to prevent icing of the coil.

Thermostat Heat/Cool OFF Mode

Humidity Doctor will operate in delayed setting with low fan speed. Reduce mold growth by drying crevices.

Thermostat Heat Mode

Humidity Doctor and humidifier operate as usual.

3 Options

Dry cycle, Low Fan speed, Alternate Humidifier with AC Compressor cycle.

Easy 15 Minute Install

Humidity Doctor is a quick install between the hunidistat, furnace and thermostat.

Fits Most Furnaces & Humidifiers

AC Compatible

A better humidification experience